Urban Prospecting



Urban Mining rare precious metals from silver, gold and platinum (PGMs) in modern industries are found in various forms such as silver alloy, dental scrap and automotive catalyst to name a few. However, a part of our business direction has shifted the focus towards fine jewelry and bullion scrap. UMHE buys higher purity scrap materials from B2B commercial vendors and the general public B2C for precious metal recovery. We also provide a brokerage service in the refining business. Our secure payment options include cash, goldbacks, bullion and electronic. Lock in your price and liquidate today!

  • 900, 925, 999 Silver Scrap
  • 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K Gold Scrap
  • 900, 950, 9995, 10% Iridium Platinum Scrap
  • Raw/Ungraded Silver, Gold or Platinum Bullion in Any Condition
  • Fair, Honest, Transparent and Private
  • Professional Etiquette With Years of Experience
  • Professional Analyzing and Testing Equipment
  • High Valuation by Precious Metal Composition, Weight and Metal Markets
  • Government ID or B2B Requirements: Verification, Tax ID, AML Form
  • Excludes Ag, and Pt Plated Over Base Metal at This Time
  • Excludes Gold Plated or Gold Filled at This Time